Amie has helped lots of people of all ages and abilities enjoy Pilates and fully realise the benefits. Below are just a few of the positive comments that she has received.

“I’ve played rugby league all my life and struggled with flexibility. I’ve been seeing Amie for private one on one sessions and after a couple of sessions I found it really helped me a lot on and off the field. Amie focused the sessions on the parts of my body that needed it most, particularly core strength and general mobilisation.

I am really happy I found Pilates by Amie because now I know my rugby career will last a lot longer.”

Neville Costigan Professional Rugby League (Hull FC)

“I had one to one Pilates sessions with Amie every week to help prepare for a body building competition. I really wanted to improve my posture and maintain my flexibility. I needed something different that I had never tried before to see if it would help in my training and assist with weight lifting, as I had suffered a few injuries as a result of bad posture. It took some time to grasp the basic principles but the more I practiced the better I became and I began to see improvements after a few intense sessions. Pilates is something that can be adapted to someone any size and I am a prime example of how it can help to achieve goals.”

Dan Welburn Mr. Universe 2014

“I first met Amie when I was looking around for a Pilates class/teacher so that I could resume exercise after a serious car accident affecting in particular my back which prevents me doing any form of impact exercise. I am retired so ‘of a certain age’ and I began training with her privately on a weekly basis for 6 weeks and then was able to persuade her to commence a class in my village which I still attend weekly along with other people, mainly of a certain age. Pilates does not bring instant rewards, you have to stay with it but for me it is keeping me as supple as I think my body will allow and helping with my pain management. The 6 weekly block programmes help to provide improvement gradually. Not only is she a delightful young lady she is very competent, empathetic to individuals situations and concerns, encouraging and helpful. I find her classes an enjoyable experience and I am benefiting overall from them. Her bright and sunny disposition help enormously.”

Pam Wakelam

“A consultant suggested I tried Pilates for my very painful back. I have been attending Amie’s classes for the last eighteen months, I have never attended a fitness class every week, for such a long period of time and have never felt the benefits like I do with Amie and Pilates.”

Linda Clement

“I was recommended to Amie due to a series of back problems. Unfortunately for me I sit for prolonged periods of time which has adjusted my posture. Amie has helped me to correct my posture, increase strength within my core muscles and as a result relieved back pain and improved flexibility and support.”

Mark Withers

“I joined Amie’s class as I was struggling with a muscular back problem, and my physio kept telling me that pilates would help. From the outset, I found the classes both welcoming and useful, Amie has a friendly and effective teaching style which has helped to improve my back, and also increase my overall flexibility. I would recommend her classes to anyone who is looking to strengthen core muscles, and promote general suppleness.”

Richard Harrison

“I have attended Amie’s Pilates classes weekly over the last 4 months. The lessons are tailored to the capabilities of those attending with further extension options given for those who wish to do more. Each session is delivered in a calm and friendly way creating a relaxed atmosphere. Amie’s sessions are changed on a 6 week cycle, with equipment such as resistance bands used in some sessions. As a result of the sessions I have noticed an improvement in my personal level of core strength and flexibility.”

Liz Smith